While conducting research at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, I have had the opportunity to teach weekly discussion classes, grade coursework, proctor exams, hold office hours, and create assignments. Discussions provide students with an opportunity to practice the concepts they are in the process of learning within a directed classroom environment. A list of the courses is below.

  • Artificial Intelligence (syllabus)
    • Professor:   Dr. Shlomo Zilberstein
    • Description:   Graduate-level core AI course covering search, constraint satisfaction, logical inference, basic machine learning, classical planning, MDPs, POMDPs, and Dec-POMDPs.
  • Reasoning Under Uncertainty (syllabus)
    • Professor:   Dr. Benjamin M. Marlin
    • Description:   Sophomore-level probability theory course, with an emphasis on applications, namely those within the domain of machine learning.
  • Introduction to Problem Solving with Computers (syllabus)
    • Professor:   Dr. Robert Moll
    • Description:   Freshmen-level introduction to programming course (in Java) which serves both CS and non-CS students.