epic: Harmonic Function Planning for Robots

The "epic" library implements a high performance log-space path planning algorithm for large scale path and motion planning in robots.

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Optimal, Obstacle-Avoiding, Smooth Paths

Compute smooth paths (e.g., where to walk) and motion trajectories (e.g., how to pick up an object) which minimize the probability of hitting obstacles.

High PERFORMANCE Algorithm

Solve large path and motion planning problems using a CPU or with the support of Nvidia GPUs. Decompose high-dimensional planning problems into collections of lower-dimensional ones for rapid solutions. Optionally, terminate the algorithm at anytime to obtain a reasonable partial solution.

C++ and Python with ROS Support

Embed the epic library in C++ and Python applications through a clean functional interface. Extensive ROS support is also provided, either through the industry standard "nav_core" plugin, or through a much more powerful collection of services.